Unfortunately we cannot guarantee in advance the performance of any builder and therefore it would difficult for us to ‘recommend a builder’ as such.

We can however suggest a number of builders’ whose performance on a similar project(s) for us was successful and therefore could be invited to submit a tender with some confidence in their ability to carry out the works competently. This list of builders is constantly changing based on their performance, cost and availability and is also relevant to the type of project.

Often a client may hear of a builder who had carried out a similar project for a friend or family and we would also be happy to then contact the builder on your behalf for references and view examples of their work if we have not worked with them in the past.

We find the best way to prepare a tender list is for ourselves to suggest a couple of names and for our clients to do likewise through local contacts, word of mouth etc.

It must be remembered that no matter what kind of reputation a builder may have, it is only as good as their last project and there is always a degree of uncertainty with each project, in which case it is vitally important to have an architect at your side to ensure the project run as smooth as possible on site in the event that things don’t turn out quite as expected.