For many projects, the initial approval required will be planning permission, either ‘outline’ or ‘detailed’ consent. We will advise you, sometimes after consultation with the local authority, as to the kind of consents required. Research is required as to the Authority’s policy at the location of the project, as to the use envisaged, and the constraints on that kind of development. This information will inform and guide the initial design, and once approval in principal has been obtained from the authority, an application for the appropriate planning approvals will be made.

fee is payable to the authority for making an application and we will usually ask the client to make a cheque payable direct to the authority for this. Once consent is received, it can remain in place for up to 5 years, after which, if the work has not started on site, a new application may be required. If the consent has conditions attached, the authority may require to be provided with samples of the materials, colours, or other item for approval, before that element of the work proceeds.

If building work is carried out without planning consent, the local authority may proceed to demolish such works as have been carried out without consent at the owner’s expense. Also in the case of alterations to existing buildings, it may require re-instatement of those parts of a building which are altered without consent, again at the owner’s expense. We can advise or assist with resolving such cases should you find yourself in this position.